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Human Centric Innovation

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24 bloggers are testing the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 and the STYLISTIC Q704. Join them and benefit from their insights on the new Fujitsu devices and work styles!

Digital Transformation

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The need of modern ICT for a Human Centric Intelligent Society

One of this year's main topic at Fujitsu Forum 2014 was Human Centric Innovation. But what is Human Centric Innovation and why is it so impo…

Enjoy MYB with us!!

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Enriched by ICT: Making lives easier and happier

Last week I visited Fujitsu Forum 2014 where Intel’s Futurist, Brian David Johnson, gave an inspiring talk how the future might look like and one key part of it isn’t technology but people. In hyperconnected and digitalized world innovation is taking on different characteristics and ICT is becoming human centric: fast, accessible, open, collaborative and is led by individuals rather than organizations. But on the other hand as Brian Dav…

T904 will (almost) never go out of charge!

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A day in the future

I was born in 1980 . In my time, computers were working with tapes and nobody had a mobile phone. Internet did not exist and no one had heard of WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and all associated procoles. No more than smartphones and tablets elsewhere. It was another world, and the only social networks that we attended was the pizza that we shared with our loved ones. In 34 years, things have changed. The world is no longer the same. It is connec…
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Innovation Unleashed with Human Centric Intelligent Society

Human Centric Intelligent Society is Fujitsu 's vision of augmenting and enriching the society via Information and Communications Technology (ICT). See also Jon Wrennal (CTO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland) and David Gentle (Director of Foresight Fujitsu) talk about Human Centric Intelligent Society: Read more in Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2014 . A Workaholic Remedy Like many of you, my job requires me to work fast, dense and with high…


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