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24 bloggers are testing the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 and the STYLISTIC Q704. Join them and benefit from their insights on the new Fujitsu devices and work styles!

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Extending my work unit in one step

When portability is a must, a laptop is the ultimate work unit. But as I quite often edit movies and work with images, I tend to need a bigg…

Gen Y is an essential factor

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Human Centric Society

One of Fujitsu’s vision is the contribution to a Human Centric Intelligent Society: A new type of society, where people's lives are enriched by ICT and innovation is everywhere, delivering new business and social value. We all live in an increasingly connected world. We all expect people and things around us to be sharing information and become linked together. Both in our business life and private life we all expect unlimited boundarie…

How innovative is your organization?

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The Flexibility Of Mobility And It's Impact On Productivity

Breaking The Habit Of Paper One might think mobility has already freed the workforce however a recent study reported , “ Today most employees make the majority of phone calls from their work desk using their desk phones ”. The unfortunate truth is that many people working in Enterprise are still tied to desks and localised physical workspaces. Health risks aside, as human beings, we still hang on to the notion of the need to retain prin…
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No limit for the STYLISTIC Q704

I am fortunate to live in Paris, in a city where 4G was deployed. I also have an unlimited plan. My devices can achieve a theoretical transfer rates of 100 Mb / s. Contrary to what one might think, 4G is not a simple gadget. Certainly, it is convenient to be able to view any web page - or any application - in a matter of seconds, but it goes much further than that. 4G, an ally to cover events ... I already talked about in one of my prev…


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