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Human Centric Innovation

Hello again!

24 bloggers are testing the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 and the STYLISTIC Q704. Join them and benefit from their insights on the new Fujitsu devices and work styles!

And the Master Your Business trophy goes to...

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Charting Progress With The LIFEBOOK T904

Feeling Connected With The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 Ultrabook As we reach the end of the Master Your Business project, in terms of the tasks in…

Working in the university library with the Q704

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[DIGITAL PHOTOBOOK] My journey in Master Your Business project

Dear Experts, Moderators, Insiders and readers, Thank you for being part of my journey though this Master Your Business 2014-2015 project! Lots of memories saved forever on our virtual online community and in our minds and hearts.. Looking forward to the new challenges ahead and a new MYB project in the near future! Yours, Chryssa Insider since 2010 Silver Insider since 2011

There's no place like home

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Survey with professionals of G.A.P. Association

Generation Y employees have radically changed work life , and they’re going to change it more and more in the future. We were asked to think about how do we expect Generation Y will have modified work life 10 years from now, to show our thesis to our colleagues and collect them opinion about it. My idea is that: “Generation Y employees will more and more require to be able to organize their work remotely, independently, from anywhere, t…
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Human Centric Intelligent Society

After so much technical development we are now at a stage where there is a paradigm change from the product to user. The product development has gone too far/mature that now product is no more the focus. Now the spot light is on the user, the human, which will eventually lead to a human centric society, the intelligent society. Below we will try to have a look on few of these examples. Software Development Being a development person, I…


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