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24 bloggers are testing the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T904 and the STYLISTIC Q704. Join them and benefit from their insights on the new Fujitsu devices and work styles!

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Generation Y from the perspective of the target audience

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Rotate your LIFEBOOK's display to adapt it to your productivity needs

Does your work need a flexible device? Desktop computers are being replaced everyday by mobile solutions, that let the users be more flexibl…

Dock it to rock it!

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Master Your Business project – behind the scenes.

Congrats - we have already successfully managed more than five great weeks of our Master Your Business project! We’d like to thank our Fujitsu Insiders for all the excellent and detailed articles and task solutions that we have received so far. Some blog articles (reviewing these year’s Fujitsu devices LIFEBOOK T904 and STYLISTIC Q704 ) show us that our Fujitsu Insiders put a lot of effort, energy and time in their task solutions. This…

Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q704: a real computer in a tablet

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Sitting in the dock all the day....

We were asked to talk about the ways in which using the cradle/dock with the STYLISTIC Q704 made our daily lives easier. At the back of the cradle are a number of useful ports. As well as an ethernet port, there are 4 USB ports which allow you to plug in various peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. To get me into the Christmas spirit I've connected a miniature, colour changing LED Christmas Tree to mine :) There is also a VGA connec…
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[XMAS INFOGRAPHIC] Your toughest business performer

The semi-ruggedized design of my STYLISTIC Q704 protects my device from environmental conditions. It allows me to work anywhere despite exposing the tablet to rain, humidity or dust – without any component damage. According to the STYLISTIC Q704 data sheet , the device is 'waterproof (tested for IPX5/7/8 specifications), dustproof (tested for IP5X specification), [with a] durable chemically strengthened glass display'. This makes my STY…


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